BDA Bareilly New Ramganga Nagar Awasiya Yojana 2016

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Bareilly Development Authority New Ramganga Nagar Awasiya Yojana 2016

Bareilly Development Authority (BDA) has come up with its new housing scheme 2016 for the allotment of 384 EWS and LIG flats under Ramganga Nagar Awasiya Yojana in Sector-7 and Sector-1. The authoirty has launched the new housing scheme especially for Economical Weaker Section and Lower Income Group Categories people of the society.

The authority has invited the applications from the general public from 20 February 2016. The application are being offered thourgh the offline mode.
The last of date of form submission is 26 March 2016.

Offered Flat Details Under BDA Ramganga Nagar Awasiya Yojana 2016:

Under the new housing scheme, Bareilly Development Authority has offered 384 flats for economical weaker section and lower income group of the society. According to the scheme details about 228 housing units are available for economical weaker section and remaining 156 flats are available for lower income group of the society.

flat-details-of- bda-bareilly-ramganga-nagar-housing-scheme-2016

How to Apply for BDA New Ramganga Nagar Housing Scheme 2016:

The Interested applicants can be purchased the application forms from the authorised bank branches by paying Rs. 230/- application fee. Dully filled applications form along with the registration amount to be submitted at the same bank branched which is given BDA Published Scheme Advertisement.

Important Details of the BDA Bareilly New Housing Scheme 2016:

The complete detail regarding the scheme is available in registration booklet and for more information contact 1800-270-7270, 9568006702.

Here is the Scheme Advertisement of BDA Bareilly New Ramganga Nagar Housing Scheme 2016:


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