Housing Board Haryana Serving/Ex.Defence Draw Result of Gurgaon Sector-102-A

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Housing Board Haryana have declared the draw result of Gurgaon Sector-102-A of lots for Multistory flats for serving ‘ex,Defence and para military personnel of Haryana up to the rank of jco’s, today.

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Gurgaon Sector-102-A Draw Result

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  1. ranbir singh Reply

    very good morning and happy new year 2015
    please check the result of sector 102 a type A and B both are same where as type A result is not available on your web .

  2. Yadavender Singh Reply

    I am an applicant for Gurgaon Sect 102 Type A. Result shown at your website is for Sector 102 Type B only in both the tags covered for Gurgaon Sector 102. Please reconcile and upload the result of sector 102 Type A. Thank you.

  3. This is way more helpful than antnihyg else I’ve looked at.

  4. Rohitas Janu Reply

    Two Years back Housing Board Haryana taken money from Defence Ex-Servicemen for Housing in Sector 102A but still no work started. Pl updates

  5. Rohitas Janu Reply

    Sab retired phojio ko ektha hokar CM Sahab se milana chahiye otherwise kuch nahi hoga.

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  8. Ed, when it comes to details of my life, I like the parable of the talents. God gives money to each servant with the instructions to be good stewards. He doesn’t micromanage them, but he does expect a report.That is very empowering. God wants me to grow. He wants me to invest in myself and my community and my family and my church and my work. And while I’m doing all of that, I love my neighbor and love him.That leaves a lot of room for pursuing my passions for the glory of God.

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