1,200 Houses to Build Under Indira Awas Yojna 2015-16 in Palwal District

It is good news for those people who living below the poverty line in Palwal Villages.  The central government will be built 1,200 houses under Indira Awas Yojana 2015-16 in Palwal District.

The district administration of the 2015-16 and Rural Development Department of the Government set a target of 1,200 houses and waiting for the permission to build these houses. It is hope that the department will soon allow it. So the house will be a relief to those poor people who long-time dream of building a house under this scheme were consolidated.

The goal was to build 13 906 house in Palwal district under the scheme for the current financial year, due to the larger goal of the administration he was not able to accomplish it. Therefore administration of the government seeking permission to build houses in 1200 instead of 3906, so as to meet the target. Under the plan, grant the district administration will make soon.

Government grant of Rs 81,000 Plan for the construction of houses under the government gives a grant of Rs 81,000. The amount is given in three installments. These installments, respectively, Rs.25, 000, Rs. 35,000 and Rs.21, 000 are given. For toilet Rs.12, 000 is provided separately. 1 last year, 1627 was the target of houses under the scheme in the 1627 financial year 2014-15, 653 in 2013-14 and 784 in 2012-13 was set a target to build houses.  It also has been achieved.

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