Analyzing and contrasting various Web-Hosting Services

Web-Hosting Services

With the ever-growing and evolving demands of the market, businessmen are always looking for cost-effective options and the best deals for the money they spend. To make their stand in the market, most of these business firms have an online presence. But even to have an online presence requires a set of skills and appropriate resources like website-hosting providers and appropriate tools to establish your online presence. The main task here is to figure out which type of web-hosting will best suit your business firm. There are several kinds of website-hosting, all of which have their own pros and cons. Therefore, you need to understand all before you decide on the most suitable type of website-hosting. Below is a brief about the types of web-hosting services:

  • Free Hosting: free hosting is where the hosts accommodate your website on their server along with a small storage and bandwidth. They also give you free email facility and this type of web-hosting is usually apt for very small business firms that experience very low traffic.
  • Shared Hosting: This type of web-hosting is the least expensive. Your website is hosted on a server shared by many other websites. The host provides you with a bigger bandwidth and storage space. The websites on a shared server experience comparatively higher traffic than on free-hosting server. This type of Shared-Hosting has a lot of restrictions and isn’t as secure which means that it isn’t very scalable and with the growing needs of the firm, there isn’t much scope of expansion.
  • Dedicated Hosting: in dedicated type of hosting, the website is hosted on its own server that is taken on lease by the provider or the hosting company. This type of hosting is primarily for the firms that have larger sites and experience heavy traffic and need to be up at all times because of the criticality of the business. The hosts offer managed services for this type of hosting. Also, the resources, technical support, large database and other facilities like domain names and email options are always provided in this type of hosting. The only disadvantage of dedicated hosting is that it comes at an expensive rate and requires good website maintenance and creation skills for the dedicated type of hosting to be completely utilized.
  • VPS Hosting India: in this type of hosting a virtual machine is deployed on the host system. It is of two types-Windows VPS and Linux VPS hosting India. Linux VPS being open-source software can be installed on your system by downloading it from the internet for free. Whereas Windows based operating system isn’t free and is usually installed on systems which already use windows applications and software. It is a very economical type of web-hosting solution because it gives you the benefits of dedicated type of hosting at shared hosing rates. The client is given root level access of the server that helps them in controlling the day-to-day functioning of business operations.
  • E-commerce Hosting: This is specifically for websites that are online businesses. In this type of hosting the client is provided with a packaged deal of email, shopping carts, payment options etc. This type of hosting cuts down the hassle of creating a business website.

Now, with all the hosting options available, you only need to figure out which type of hosting service suits your business requirements best after analyzing the needs of your business.