Apple Launches online User Guide for Apple Watch

The entire world eagerly waits to get their pre-ordered Apple Watch, the
company has announced that dilevery of the smartwatch will be started from
April 24, and registration was started from 10 April. Apple Inc has launced
online user guide for the Apple watch and also the Watch App Store just a day
before the delivery starts.

Apple watch user guide contains the full features of the smartwatch in full
details explaining the users how to use and optimise the function. Along with
the user guide Apple Inc also launched the Watch App store.

The Watch App Store can be found through a tab in the Watch app built into iOS
8.2 and 8.3. It mirrors the layout of the standard iOS App Store, but features
circular app icons along with a different set of promoted sections, such as
“Get Started” and “Healthy Living.”

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