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Many times, you wish to ask the opinion of an expert on a particular subject. However, it might happen that the expert is busy with something else or is inaccessible. If you are looking for expert advice on cars, and if you have internet connection at home or on your mobile, you can get the best advice. Welcome to, a website dedicated to the Indian cars. Although people might look at it as an automobile advertisement vertical, Autoportal is much more than that.

The company is the brainchild of Anton Rublevskyy, who successfully tried the concept in the east European country of Ukraine. As Autoportal achieved unprecedented success in Ukraine, Anton and his core team decided to expand to other parts of the globe, especially growing markets like India. India seemed to present the ideal opportunity with its large market and untapped potential.  Accordingly, Autoportal India started its operations in 2013 November. Within the two years of its existence, the company has been able to carve a space for itself in the minds of both industry experts and users.

What makes Autoportal different is the fact that the site is very simple and easy to navigate. There are no flashy designs and irritating pop ups. Everything on display is useful in one way or the other. Anyone looking for specific information can easily navigate to that section and find what he is looking for. There is no need to dig into past records. The site gets loaded very easily too.

Of late, the company has also introduced a mobile app to access the site exclusively on mobiles. Like the website, the mobile app is also user-friendly and useful. The no–nonsense feature of the website is reflected in the mobile app as well. Very easy to use, this app has made lives easier.

Autoportal – Your online car expert 2

Autoportal can be termed as your online car expert. You can access the site at any time and find the required information in no time. The website loads fast and everything is presented in an orderly fashion that browsing becomes a pleasurable experience. If you know what you are looking for, it becomes easy to locate the same on the site.

The various sections like new cars, used cars, upcoming cars, new launch, vehicle tips,  industry news, articles and much more are neatly arranged so that the user finds it easy to switch from one topic to another very easily.

The most welcome feature of the site is the absence of ads and pop-ups. However, there are enough photos, videos and other resources available on the site to get more information about a car or a particular model.

Whatever may be your need, you can address it through Autoportal, the online car expert.

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