Why it makes sense to go for a personal accident insurance policy?

Why it makes sense to go for a personal accident insurance policy? You have a term insurance plan to secure your family’s future and a comprehensive health insurance policy to pay your medical expenses. You have insured your car against all losses or damages, while your house is covered against both natural and man-made calamities. Are you missing on something?

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Ways To Obtain Promotions In Job

In these days, getting a respectable job according to studies is really seems to be very complex. Afterwards, getting promotions in job is furthermore difficult. But promotion is essential which specifies our development in designation. Some professionals lack skills and so they are unable to obtain promotions. Employers expect more experience from professionals to give an improved position. There are

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Do you have a sweet tooth? Here’s how you can beat it!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Here's how you can beat it!

CRAVINGS Regularly nipping over to the refrigerator for late- night snack? Here’s why you fixate on tastes and how to beat them If you crave SALT If only the briniest crisp will do, you may have a mineral deficiency. “ Studies show those who eat low- calcium diets crave salty foods more,” says Michael Tordoff, researcher at the Monell Chemical

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Energize your Life with these Natural Immunity Boosters


In modern times, enhanced awareness levels ensure that we all try and follow a balanced diet, a good exercise routine and regular sleeping habits. However, some of us seem to be more susceptible to seasonal illnesses and allergies due to lower immunity levels. Besides sustained vigorous physical activity, a proven method for raising immunity in the long term, one can

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