From insurance to benefits-the comprehensive guide to hiring household help

Hiring household help is not just a piece of cake; you need to be in it for the long haul. There are several aspects that you need to keep in mind before hiring household help across a variety of functions like housekeeping, maintenance and cooking. The first aspect is that it is very difficult to […]

Balanced nutritional diet: Key to cancer recovery

A NUTRITIOUS diet is essential for anyone with cancer to meet the body’s nutritional requirements and also supplement the existent nutritional deficiency in the body. Easily digestible food should be chosen over deep fried or excessively spicy food. Smaller meals should be taken at more frequent intervals to avoid indigestion. Here are some guidelines to […]

Now lose weight by drinking beer & eating cookies…!!!

THE men you’re about to meet here had an ability to think outside the culinary box. In this case, that includes some of the weirdest weight- loss plans imaginable. Things like drinking a nightly Fosters, eating heaping bowls of sweetened cereal and making frequent trips to the all you- can- eat buffet. Not exactly the […]

How to outsmart your gym injury

Morris Hola never imagined that a gym injury could happen to him. He supported his back routinely while lifting heavy weights and always had a friend around to help him. So the stab of pain he felt in his back five years ago came as a surprise. “I was doing my regular squat exercise” Despite […]

15 ways to ahard and fast six- pack

ROPE YOURSELF SOME MUSCLE “On top of burning up to five times more calories than running, skipping warms up multiple muscles. So, you’ll be prepped to go into an intensive weights workout and get more out of a session,” says Antonis Biber, a senior trainer at Fitness First. The ‘ ski step’ ( moving feet […]

Omega-3 rich diet helps in treating breast cancer

MOST OF us were given cod liver oil capsules as kids. We popped these obediently after our breakfasts, without much idea about how they helped us. Today the benefits of fish oil capsules, rich in omega- 3s, can be read in almost every magazine or paper you open. Everyone is raving about “omegas” and their […]