WhatsApp to provide 3D Touch Support for iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s users a new update has been made by whatApp for you. The WhasApp has officially announced that the messenging service will now provide 3D Touch Support for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The messeging service has also announced that the update is now avialable and interested users can now download the same. […]

WhatsApp 2.13.8 updates for Nokia Symbian

WhatsApp the giant social messaging service has been trying very hard in updating the service so so to become more and more user friendly. There seems no difficult for the WhatsApp in producing updates for the Android version of the messenger, but for Nokia and iOS operating system.

WhatsApp added 10 new exciting features for iOS

WhatsApp the most widely used messenger service has released new update for its version of iOS users. In the updates the WhatsApp has added 10 new exciting features for the iOS users and some of the features are still not updates for Android version of the service. The following are 10 new features of WhatsApp […]

Now an exclusive mobile app for Vat, GST and Service Tax

The rapidly changing indirect taxation system in India has made it essential for every businessman or professional to be conversant in the basics of the indirect taxation. In the current high tech era, everyone is a tech savvy so it is more convenient to use a smart phone and browse the information rather than searching […]

Windows 10 finalized for release in 29th July

The software giant Microsoft has finally announced that the company has finalized the version feature of the much awaited operating system Windows 10. Earlier the company has already announced that the new operating system will be released on July 29.

Google’s ultimate spam-killing AI

The search engine giant Google is reported of building the ultimate spam-killing AI. The report says that the Ai will be filtering Gmail spam mail and will be able to decide what mail you want and what you don’t. It involves ‘large scale brain simulations’. In a post on the Gmail blog, product manager Sri […]

Google’s Ivy app for iOS: Big number calculator

Google has released a new app for iOS called Ivy and the app is reported to describe as an experimental big number calculator. According to the statement released by the company, minimalistic UI offers users arbitrary floating point formatting, big number logarithm, trigonometric functions, and exact ration arithmetic. Google says the app “uses exact rational […]

Web version of Whatsapp and its features

The must awaited version of the most widely used messenger Whatsapp, Whatsapp for WEB or PC that allows you to connect to your WhatsApp account from your laptop or computer via the Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox browser. As for now web whatsapp only support these three browsers.