DDA to Provide Flats for Kathputli Colony Residents in Narela & Rohini


Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is preparing a proposal for providing flats in the Narela and Rohini for those people who are unable to get flats in the Kathputli Colony. This is a good news for all the people living this colony get accommodation.

This time, DDA has planned to provide flats in the Kathputli Colony. According to the survey conducted in 2011, there were 2641 beneficiaries, but on the instructions of the court 80 more beneficiaries were included.

As per the approval of the Delhi Urban Refugee Reform Board (DURRB). These houses will be provided to all the people, who are living here from January 1, 2015. Besides, the number of beneficiaries will also increase.

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The official said that this colony is developed on 13 acres land and authority has decided to construct 2800 flats, community buildings and other necessary things on 60 acres land.

The remaining 40% will be given to the private builder who works on the construction. 30% will be used for residential construction and remain 10% for commercial construction. In this, each beneficiary will have to pay 1.12 lakh rupees for this and 30,000 will be deposited for the maintenance of five years fo maintenance expenses.

According to the new survey, the number of beneficiaries could increase up to 500. It is a priority to start the construction work by sending the residents living in the colony at the transit camp. After this, the opinion of the people in the list will be taken, those who will be ready to live in Narela or Rohini will be allocated them there.

However, it is not yet decided how these people will get flats in Rohini and Narela. The Rohini people, on the other hand, have expressed their displeasure over this move of the DDA. Therefore, it is being said that DDA officials will take any final decision in consensus with all the consensus.

News Source: http://epaper.jagran.com/ePaperArticle/23-may-2017-edition-Delhi-City-page_9-9114-6844-4.html

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