DDA Starts to Develop Sub Smart City in Dwaraka, Narela & Rohini with 11 Lakh Flats

In order to change the face of Delhi, the Delhi government has started the work to develop the residential area with modern facilities. In this way, a Sub Smart City would be developed in Dwaraka. Besides this, this kind of Sub Smart City would also be developed in Narela and Rohini.

According to the project, around 11 lakh houses will be developed at these places. The people would not have to deal with the problem of traffic jams nor wander for the basic infrastructure.

The process of appointing consultants have been initiated. for the project in Dwaraka. For this, Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has sought for RFP (request for proposal) to the agencies. The consultant will prepare a proposal for Smart City.

If the proposal will good, then the development work of Sub Smart City will be initiated. The project is to develop three Sub Smart City under Transit-Oriented Development Corridor (TOD). In a residential area within a radius of 500 meters from the house so that the public transport service will bring to less use of private vehicles.
The neighborhood institutions, shops, malls, entertainment centers, hospitals and other essential facilities are also available. After developing smart city the burden of roads will also be reduced.

With this, the problems will also reduce related to the citizens, because of unplanned growth have been varied in Delhi. In many areas electricity, sewerage, fire fighting is also facing difficulty in providing such necessities. In this project, around 2.66 lakh flats will be developed in Dwarka, 3,76,600 lakh in Narela and 4.48 will develop in Rohini in Delhi.

News Source: http://ddahousingscheme.com/

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