DDA to issue possession letter of Rohini Scheme 1981 on 31 Oct

The Delhi Development Authority most popularly known as the DDA has officially announced that the authority will start issuing possession letter to all the allottee of the Housing scheme Rohini Scheme 1981.

It is hereby also notified by the authority that the issue of the possession letter will be done to all those allottee who have made full payment of the needed fee and also the allotment of letter will be done in three phases depending on the date of payment made by the allottee.

In order to make sure that the allottee does not faces any inconvenience, the authority has launched customer care centre for assistance and complaints. The authority also believes that this will be speed up all such complain related issue and will be able to solve in time.

DDA vice-chairman Arun Goel has decided to do away with the enforcement wing and transferred the manpower to the land protection department. Enforcement work will now be done by engineers in charge of the area. “We will be giving mobile phones to all officers to check encroachment. A web-based application will monitor the same,“ said a senior official.

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