DDA’s flat allocation process will go online

DDA’s flat allocation process will go online

DDA’s flat allocation process will go online

According to the official report from the delhi development authority, the allotment of the mega housing scheme 2014 will go online so as to save allottees the hassle of going through endless paper work and making rounds of its office.

The DDA has already started preparing letters to be sent to allottees, inviting them to a special camp to be held at its headquarters Vikas Sadan within the next fortnight.

The development authority’s vice chairman Balvinder Kumar has assured the allottees that they would not have to visit their office more than once. “Allottees would have to come to DDA to only provide proof of important documents. Each allottee shall be provided with an ID and password through which he will be able to track the status of the allotment process,” he had earlier said.

Not only would the process be mostly online, allottees will be notified about the progress regularly through SMS and email alerts.

At the special camp, allottees would be required to carry all necessary documents for verification, which would be done on the spot. Those who have applied in the reserved category, however, would have to wait as their certificates are cross checked. After the documents are verified, the DDA will hand over the demand-cum-allotment letters to allottees on the spot, if payment for the flats is made immediately.

Payment for the flat, which is to be done within 90 days of the demand letter being issued, will be completely online, in the RTGS or NEFT mode.

A major change from the last year’s housing schemes is that DDA this time expects to hand over the flats to the allottees as quickly as possible. Till now, DDA used to send a copy of the possession letter to the allottee and another to the executive engineer at the project site. The allottee had to show the letter to the engineers to get possession. The letters used to reach the site by a week or 10 days and took even more time to be processed, which delayed the process.

For the present scheme, allottees would be intimated online and the information will reach the executive immediately too. Junior engineers at the site would be equipped with computers so they can verify and provide possession swiftly.

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