Delhi Development Authority begins scrutiny of ‘Housing Scheme 2014′ draw results

DDA to start Refunding Security Deposit Within a Month

DDA to start Refunding Security Deposit Within a Month

Delhi Development Authority begins scrutiny of ‘Housing Scheme 2014′ draw results

Following allegations of discrepancies in the result Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has started scrutinising applications of the allottees in the recent draw of the mega housing scheme 2014.

The authority, however, said it would not delay the process of final allotment which is slated to start in the second week of this month, when Delhi Development Authority (DDA) will hold a camp for the successful applicants.

Among the successful allottees were found three applications having consecutive application numbers, but Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has ruled out any foul play.

As per procedure, application numbers are fed into the computer which a fresh randomised number is allotted to every application.
In this case, consecutive numbers were 1145321, 1145322 and 1145323 whereas the randomised numbers given by computer were 759776, 613457 and 507478 for these applications. It is clear that the randomised numbers are quite far apart and are not consecutive, DDA said in a statement.

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) said that, “On the direction of Vice-Chairman, Delhi Development Authority (DDA), Balvinder Kumar, all original applications of all the applicants have been called from the banks and these will be scrutinised to find out whether there are mistakes in the punching of data or there are inadvertent mistakes done by the applicant himself or herself.”

“The results of the draw are provisional as no documents were asked at the time of submission of application and the claims of applicants for reservation under various categories or otherwise were accepted as such,” it said in a statement.
All applications were included in the draw whether there were multiple submissions from one person or family. The scrutiny of claims and documents will be done for the successful applicants, it said.

On preliminary scrutiny it has been found that in some cases, the successful allottees’ names and father’s names were the same even though there was difference in application numbers, addresses and PAN numbers.

Similarly in many cases, the application numbers are consecutive even though there is difference in addresses and application numbers, it said.

Other discrepancies include the list of war widows, wherein there are certain cases where the gender given is male even though the name is of a female and vice-versa.

Any successful allottee, if otherwise not eligible or is not able to authenticate claims, will not be allotted flat and the allotment will be cancelled in such cases.
Such flats will be allotted to wait-listed applicants.

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) had initially set the tentative date for the draw as November 5, but postponed it to November 17. However, it failed to hold the draw on November 17 after trial runs were unable to wrap up the whole process within two hours.

The housing authority reportedly faced problems in dealing with the large number of application forms, numbering over 10 lakh.

The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), which had conducted the draw for DDA’s last housing scheme in 2010, was again roped in this time for the exercise.

The 2014 housing scheme was launched on September 1. The last date for applying was initially set for October 9 but later extended to October 15.
The draw was held under the supervision of retired Delhi High Court judge Manju Goel, National Informatics Centre DG Mahesh Chandra and IIT-Delhi professor Anshul Kumar.

“Delhi Development Authority (DDA) will be holding a camp at its headquarters after 15 days where the verification of documents of successful applicants will be done.

“General applicants may be handed over the demand-cum- allotment letter thereafter and the reserved category applicants will be handed over the same after authentication of their documents,” Delhi Development Authority (DDA) Vice-Chairman Balvinder Kumar had said on the day of the draw.

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