Draw Result 2015 Raghunath Vihar Scheme JDA

Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has announced the draw result of the housing scheme at Raghunath Vihar Village-Ramsinghpura)

The new housing scheme is launched under the name Plot Scheme Kedar Vihar and is located at Raghunath Vihar, Village-Ramsinghpura
Zone-12. The scheme will be offering flats for the category of three types namely 45 Sq.Mt, 90 Sq.Mt.and 162 Sq.Mt.size plot scheme. The scheme is offering a total of 1735 plot flats of which 327 plots are 45 Sq.Mt size while 1110 plots are of 162 Sq.Mt. size and 298 are 162 Sq.Mt

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