Welcome to futureplansnews.com. Futureplansnews is the only website where you can find all news and updates of all of housing scheme, property news and reviews, real estate, masterplans ,etc. of every housing authority or board in India. The news and updates include from both government as well as from private sector.

  1. How to register on Forum?

Ans. Visit http://www.futureplansnews.com/forum/ click the login tab which is located at the upper corner on the right side of the screen, then select sign up. Fill up the necessary formalities like user name, email password, city, etc. and submit it. Please be ensure that you enter a valid email address because a verification will be send in the email address you have provided and you need to activate your account with the activation link which will be mailed in your email address. After successfully activating the link you can log in to http://www.futureplansnews.com/forum/login.php and the registration process is finish.

  1. Does it charge to register in futureplansnews.com?

Ans. Its only one time registration and there is no charges for it, with this simple registration you can enjoy every privilege on futureplansnews.

  1. What can I get from futureplansnews?

Ans. Well futureplansnews is the only website where you can find every news and updates of news and updates of all of housing scheme, property news and reviews, real estate, master plans ,etc. of every housing authority or board in India in one complete platform. There are different section for each category like for housing schemes or property news or real estate. You can click to the particular section of your choice and get the details of every updated news.

  1. What can I do if want to get more information about a particular scheme?

Ans. For this we have the forum, here also it is divided into many sections choose the section of your interest. Here the users do discussion and can ask anything about their interest or you can also ask your question by writing as a comment which are provided below the news, our expert will analyze your question will get the most precious as soon as possible.

  1. How can I join discussion in forum or post in forum?

Ans. For this you will need to register to http://www.futureplansnews.com/forum/ after activating your account you will be given the privilege to use in the website like joining the discussion in forum or posting in the forum, etc.

  1. How can I get the notification about the updates in the news?

Ans. You can get every updates of the news published in the website via email. For this you will need to subscribe the newsletter of the website. To do this go to the home page of the website at the right bottom of the page there will be a tag tittle as “subscribe” enter a valid email and click subscribe.

  1. Is there any alternate method to get update of the news other than email?

Ans. Yes, we have futureplansnews mobile application. You need to download it from the google play store, URL of the application is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yuvaa.futureplans By installing this to your mobile you can also get the information of every updated news in the website.


You can directly write to our admin at admin@furureplansnews.com , if you have any suggestions or have any query. We welcome your suggestions and comment and love to give you better service.


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