Fisheries Department Selected Beneficiaries of Coastal Housing Scheme (Kerala)

Coastal Housing Scheme

The final list of 96 fishermen families from the coastal areas of Kozhikode district has been prepared by the Fisheries Departement. These families are to be considered for Coastal Housing Scheme, which will be implemented during the current financial year 2017-18. The beneficiaries were selected after conducting a series of mass contact programs in coastal belts.

Officials said that all 96 families would get Rs. 6 lakh each to buy land for the construction of a housing. A separate allocation of Rs. 2 lakh would be made to support construction works. More families would be considered for the project in the second phase, they added.

Officials said that there were around 2,000 applicants from the district. Although most of them were unaware of the formalities to be followed to claim the benefit and the department conducted regional mass contact programs to make them aware of the norms and to choose eligible persons, they added.

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Mariam Haseena, the Deputy Director of the Fisheries Department said that the preparation of the list was just the first step and further steps would be taken only when eligible fishers found land suitable for the construction of a house. She added that only properties that meet the criteria fixed by the State government and comply with the Coastal Regulation Zone Act will be considered for the scheme.

Kerala State government has introduced a special housing scheme for fishers on the basis of various field study reports on sea erosion threats and the pathetic living conditions in coastal belts. The studies found that several fishermen families did not have land to construct a house.

Officials said that the State government would construct not less than any 3,650 houses during the current financial year 2017-18 in various parts of Kerala for fishers.

According to official records, 11,583 out of 2,12,653, fishermen families in the State do not have habitable houses, while over 11,000 families are both landless and homeless.

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