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Godrej Park Avenue project from the renowned brand has decided the actual location of the new venture to be in Greater Noida. This is the best part of the NCR where immense development is taking place for a long period of time. For a decade, this part of the city has witnessed a huge transformation in terms of commercial and residential development. The brand has chosen Greater Noida so that the future dwellers can find every single provision easily. Greater Noida is the business hub of the capital city. It caters to a perfect platform where the companies can operate smoothly. The professionals find great opportunities to work with a renowned company and tend to settle down here. To make this a great opportunity for the hard working employees, Godrej has decided to build Godrej Park Avenue Greater Noida here. The employees will be able to commute easily using the metro service and the public transports. The multilane roads will also offer a seamless connectivity with the rest of the city. Good schools, multispecialty hospitals, entertainment centers, drug stores, malls, markets, shops, etc will be there to cater the daily needs of a family.

Where are Godrej Park Avenue and Best Connectivity
2018-07-17 0 Answer 278 views

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