Heart breaking for xiaomi fans: Have to wait more time for Mi 5

Well this not a good news for Xiaomi fans, that the new flagship of Xiaomi will take some some time to launch officially. Initially there was rumour that the Xiaomi Mi5 will be launch on the Monday launch. But, surpringly in the launch event the smartphone was not launched.

According to the message shared by the Co-founder and the president of Xiaomi it is said that has come out taking a spin at the media reports that claimed the Chinese company may finally reveal its 2015 flagship, the Xiaomi Mi 5. In his Weibo post, Bin said, “Not mi 5, notebooks, watches, plates, rice cookers, inflatable doll, nor bicycles, cars, aircraft, bombs, UFO”

The Chinese company looks to launch a new device category targeted at photographers. The image included a camera and a lens. It also included a tagline that said, “Better lens and body separated” hinting that Xiaomi might launch a camera. We will have to however wait till Monday to see what Xiaomi has in store.

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