How to communicate with foreign tourists whose language you do not understand?

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Every hotel, hostel or apartment owner likes when its place is growing in popularity, when inquiries and bookings are coming from all sides of the world. Most of the foreign tourist speaks English language, or know him enough for basic communication, but sometimes things can be a bit complicated

 What to do in such a situation?


Fortunately, modern technology provides a solution for those kind of situations. The first thing that any of us did was to seek help from Google – Google Translate.

It is quite easy to use – copy the text in the left window and select the language. In the menu above the right window select the option “translate”. It may happen that you do not recognize the language you need it translated, in this case, use the “Detect language”. Google will recognize that the language in question, and translated it.

It may be grammar mistakes, but the important thing is to get information about the price and availability of housing that interested him, and the rest goes into the background.

There are plenty of sites that perform on-line translations, one of them is

When to hire a professional translator?

dictionaryIf your target groups are foreign tourists, and you don’t know their languages, maybe it is good idea to hire an agency for translation. Agencies typically offer translation services for several foreign languages. With the agency you not have to worry that there will be any misunderstanding between you and the customers.. Their services can be expensive, but you certainly get what you pay for. They guarantee you a translation error-free, professional quality

What could be the problem? Translation agencies probably do not work over night, at the weekends and holidays, and requests can arrive at any day or night. From the speed of your responses depends whether the customer rent your apartment, or will go to the competition. Tourists often plan their trips at the last minute and do not have time to wait.

Hiring freelancers

Another option available to you is to hire freelance interpreters. It is convenient, you can send text for translation to the freelancer by email, he/she send you immediately translated

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