How to disable Google’s Timeline feature on your smartphones

Did you know that Google’s Timeline feature on your smartphones that allows users to track and store their every movement, minute by minute can be disabled.

If you want to disable the features you should be noted that disabling the feature may too disable many popular apps.

If you are Android user, then you will need to open App drawer, select Settings then Location.
Find Google Location Settings and individually switch off both Location Reporting and Location History.Underneath Location History, select ‘Delete Location History’ to wipe clean the cache of locations. You need to remember to do this for every Google account you have registered.

And if you are iPhone goto Settings, select Privacy and then Location Services. Either disable all Location Services using the slider at the top, or scroll through the list to decide on a case-by-case basis which apps you want to allow.

Right at the bottom select ‘System Services’ and decide what features you want to allow. You can have a read of Apple’s description of what the features allow here.

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