How to Disable Shared Wi-Fi Passwords With Your Contacts for Windows 10

Did you know that Windows 10 Shares Wi-Fi Passwords With Your Contacts. This is because the soaftware giant The microsoft uses a new feature called feature is Wi-Fi Sense.

The Wi-Fi Sense which allows the users share their Wi-Fi credentials with friends. But it is how it does it wherein lies the rub. The app scans through a user’s Facebook account and Outlook contacts, and shares the username and password with their friends.

If you want to disable Wi-Fi credentials with friends of a specific network, say your home network you can do so via router settings. Open your router’s configuration page and append “_optout” at the end of your Wi-Fi network’s name (also known as SSID). For instance, if your network’s SSID is Apple, change it to Apple_optout.

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