KDA Kanpur to Construct 400 Residential Flats

Kanpur Development Authority

KDA Kanpur to Construct 400 Residential Flats – Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, the Kanpur Development Authority (KDA) is going to construct a total number of 968 residential flats on the land situated in Jarb Chowki of JK Group of Kanpur. The KDA VC has sent the proposal to the Group with the approval of the Morning Glory Infra Private Limited and sent it to the regime.

KDA Kanpur to Construct 400 Residential Flats

In front of Chakrapur mandi, the project of 400 flats can be approved soon. In the partnership of the Pradhan Mantri Awas cheap flats have to be constructed with the help of builders under the Affordable Housing Scheme.

KDA (Kanpur Development Authority) has made preparations to construct at least one thousand flats through builders in the first phase. In the past, Sanjeev Dubey of Morning Glory had proposed to make KDA VC flat on his land near Zarb Chowki under the scheme.

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KDA VC Vijendra Pandian said that JK Ryan received a proposal to build a 968 flat on Mill’s land near Zarib Chowki. This proposal has been approved and it has been sent to the government. Builder Deepak Agarri has proposed to make 400 flats in front of Chakrapur mandi. Further proceedings are on this.

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