Microsoft launches Free online Office

The giant software manufacturer Microsoft in association with the Dropbox has announced the launched of new product called online office by which customer can edit documents such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents in Dropbox.

This is the first time that the company is allowing such features. Ealier there were no option to edit the files which are saved in the dropbox and the users need to use the microsoft office version of desktop or a day which has the application so as to edit the files saved in the files.

Apart from the above facilities the compant is also allowing to to save new files in the Dropbox without leaving the office online. Office Online users need to add their Dropbox accounts to Office Online to take advantage of the integration, according to Microsoft’s announcement.

The company says the service is now available for those customers who have an office 365 license as well as Dropbox Basics and Pro Users. The customers who are on the free tier of Office Online can also use the new feature.

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