PM Awas Only at 2 Lakh in Bhopal Posh Area

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In the Bhopal, the first phase of the PM Awas Yojana, an ambitious plan of ‘Housing for all’, Mayor Alok Sharma conduct the Bhumi Pujan of construction of 1800 fully equipped houses in the posh areas of the  prime location of the capital of the state for  providing home of homeless families of the urban areas and  slum free urban areas in the presence of the MLA Mr. Surendranath Singh and MP Alok Sanjar.  The Mayor said that the municipal corporation will provide EWS accommodation to the homeless poor families of Bhopal city for only Rs.2.00 lakh. There will be parks, independent parking, lift and other facilities.

Mayor Alok Sharma Conduct the Bhumi Pujan on Sunday morning to construct houses under the PM Awas Yojana near the bus stop no 12. The Municipal Corporation has to construct 31,726 houses in the first phase under the ambitious scheme of Housing for all by 2022. In the 31,726 houses on the Bhopal bus stop no. 12, 1008 EWS, 576 LIG  and 316 MIG houses are being constructed.

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The six-story building will be constructed in the scheme with the modern front elevation of the building and with the all basic requirements like parks, parking areas for each residential cell and shops will be also available for the daily needs.  In the other places of the city,  19,364 EWS 7,886 LIGs houses and 2,676 MIG houses will be also constructed. Apart from the 12 number bus stop houses will be constructed in Kokta transport Nagar, Shyam Nagar, Ganga Nagar and Vajpayee Nagar.

On this occasion, Mayor Shri Alok Sharma said that every creature dreams of his own house. In view of this, 1800 houses are being constructed at the 12 number bus stops in the capital Bhopal. Realizing the dream of  Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and the Chief Minister of the State, Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan,  provide the fully equipped house for all homeless people,  1008 EWS houses Will be the building for this. Mayor Shri Sharma said that we are not taking the price of land from the homeless people. By providing subsidy and collaboration only on the cost basis, the EWS house worth Rs. 08 lakh will be made available for only Rs. 2 lakhs. In which Rs 1.5 lakh will be given to the Central Government, Rs 1.5 lakh by the state government and Rs. 03 lakhs will be given in the form of assistance by the city government. Loans will be available to the homeless poor from the banks.

Mayor Shri Sharma said that all types of modern facilities will be provided in these residences and shops will also be made for daily needs, which will include Aata mill, saloon, general store, vegetable-fruit etc in PM Awas Yojana. Mayor Shri Sharma said that the elevation of the six-story building will be very beautiful and sophisticated mode and the cost of about 136 crores. The residential areas will be known as  Modi Shiv Enclave.

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