PM Awas Yojana – Construction of 6,419 more Housing Units Approved for Ratlam (MP)

PM Awas Yojana Ratlam

PM Awas Yojana Ratlam (MP)

The Union Ministry of Urban Development has approved the construction of 6,419 affordable housing units for the middle-class families of Ratlam city under PM Awas Yojana (PMAY). The amount has been also sanctioned for this.

State Planning Commission Deputy Chairman, MLA Chaitanya Kashyap informed that the scheme of 180.52 Crore for the construction of 1,312 EWS & 336 LIG flats in Dosiganv and the scheme of Rs 258.53 Crore for the construction of 2184 EWS & 1104 LIG flats was sent to the central government by the state government. It has been approved by the Union Ministry of Urban Development. The beneficiary will be given an assistance of 3 lakh by the central and state government on EWS Scheme’s flat of 300 sq.ft.

Besides this, the scheme of Rs 54.58 Crore for the construction of 1,483 houses in Ishwarnagr, Bajrang Nagar and Viriakedi under Beneficiary-Led schemes (BLS) has also been approved by the central government.

Under BLS (Beneficiary-Led Scheme), the beneficiaries living in these areas will be given a lease of land by the central government. The beneficiaries have to construct housing on 286 sq.ft. itself by choosing one of the designs from the 5-6 different maps issued by the Municipal corporation. An assistance of Rs 2.5 lakh will also be given by the state and central government.

The Municipal Corporation will expand the construction of housing along with the basic needs.

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