PM Gharkul Awas Yojana – NIT Nagpur to Built 10000 Houses in City

Nagpur Improvement Trust is going to construct over 10,000 affordable homes for Lower-Income Families in the city under PM Gharkul Awas Yojana. This is good news for the residents of Nagpur City.

Besides, the NIT will also construct 4,057 more houses. According to the scheme, these houses will be built in Wanjri, Bharatwada-Punapur, Tarodi and Khurd areas under PM Gharkul Awas Yojana.

The NIT trustee Bhushan Shingane informed that the construction of these houses estimated at the rate of 19,260 per square meters. Three agencies have come out to complete these work at this rate. However, these houses would be constructed on no profit, no loss basis. NIT has also included an important clause in which the beneficiary will not be able to sell the houses without NIT’s permission for the 15 years.

About 14,014 more houses will also be constructed. Of these, about 5,142 houses would be built in mouza Wanjri, 4,152 in mouza Bharatwada-Punapur, 2,960 in mouza Tarodi and 1,760 in mouza Khurd under PM Gharkul Awas Yojana.

According to the source, the Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari and Chief Minister Devendra Fandnavis have decided to construct 50,000 homes in the city by the various agencies.

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  1. Ashok
    April 6, 2018 at 1:44 PM

    Need affordable 3 bhk or 2 bhk flat.. Thank u
    M in army…..

  2. Siddharth s sontakke
    Siddharth s sontakke
    May 2, 2018 at 12:03 AM

    Mera ghar Nahi he or maine ghsrkul yojna ka bhi from bhara he mager abhitak Nahi aya. Plz.sir replay

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