Starting the vacation by paying a visit to the sacred temple of Bhimashankar in Pune

Visiting shrines and religious sites is considered sacred in India and for devotees it is the best way to start their vacation. Bhimashankar Temple in Pune is a popular Shiva temple that you would like to visit during your vacation in Maharashtra. Read on to know more.

Bhimashankar Temple is a Hindu shrine that is edicated to the Lord Shiva. It is considered one of the Jyotirlingas of the Lord. The famous temple is located about 50 km of Khed in Pune. It falls in the Sahyadris region along the Ghat area. The location of temple coincides with the origin of river Bhima that flows into river Krishna in Raichur. The Bhimashankar Temple or the Bhimashankar Mandir is a revered Shiva temple. Thousands of devotees from nearby and far off places come to this temple during their holidays.

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Going places, exploring things, knowing people and their cultures, understanding customs and traditions, unearthing new legends about the past, savoring distinct cuisines — all this is a bliss that a traveler would know the best. As it is often said the journeymen always know the better. So, do you make the most of your holidays? How do you travel? What do you like to explore the most? As a tourist, do you take out time to explore the marvels of a place at a gentle pace, allowing yourself the width to appreciate and reflect upon the wonders around you? Anything that is of historic or popular importance, and even anything that is a subject of some niche interest is worth your time. Living in a country which is known for its rich diversity, it is always a privilege to come across places that divulge great details about history, culture and arts. For example, the Bhimashankar Temple is one religious site which depicts a fine picture of the Hindu faith and devotion. You get an opportunity to observe the architecture of the temple, the elaborate customs of worship, etc. You would notice that the temple is made in Nagara style of architecture. The fine craftsmanship displayed throughout the site was once the skillmanship of the Vishwakarma sculptors. The temple was made in 18th century. Later in the 18th century, Nana Phadnavis developed the shikhara and Shubham Mandap. Such fine details help you have a better perspective toward places which can always cherish and share with your dear ones. Once you start looking at the places you visit through such lenses, the tourist or traveler in you becomes an expert. After all, all the places that you visit are not just itineraries and holidays; they form the best of your memories. You are going to cherish those refreshing and nostalgic moments that you spent with your dear ones on a holiday for years.

You can stay at the temple for three days and the priests make arrangements of  your accommodations at a small cost. You can also stay in any of the hotels which are located nearby. After exploring the temple and other such religious sites around Pune, you can a bus or train to Mumbai for traveling further. Just take a glance at the Pune to Mumbai train timetable to find out the train schedule.

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