Web WhatsApp now allow you to edit photo

Recently there has been news regarding the updated of the web version of the most popular messenger whatsapp. Now the company has also released new update of the web version of the whatsapp. The web version allows you to connect to your WhatsApp account from your laptop or computer via the Google Chrome, Opera or […]

Web version of Whatsapp and its features

The must awaited version of the most widely used messenger Whatsapp, Whatsapp for WEB or PC that allows you to connect to your WhatsApp account from your laptop or computer via the Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox browser. As for now web whatsapp only support these three browsers.

WhatsApp Calling Feature in Apple iOS

WhatsApp has now made the Calling Feature available in Apple, iOS users are not only allowed to chat with people, but to actually call them for free. WhatsApp calls use your phone’s Internet connection rather than your cellular plan’s voice minutes. Data charges may apply. The voice calling feature, the new update includes a quick […]

Know More about the Video calling in WhatsApp

Last week Whatsapp has announced that the messenger will be working to launch the video calling option for the whatsapp. It was also announced that the company will be launching the feature by next month.

WhatsApp Voice Calling feature available for Blackberry

The calling features of whatapp is now available for blackberry users too. Whatsapp users having blackberry 10 can now enjoy the calling feature. The new feature is available with v2.12.1.2 of the WhatsApp app for BlackBerry 10. But unfortunately for the users in India the update is still not available. But believe that the update […]

Download WhatsApp 2.12.56: Save chats in Google Drive

WhatApps has release the update of the new version of the messenger the version 2.12.56. At persent the update is available in the BETA and yet to be added in the Google play. It been reported that in the new version 8 icons have been removed and 270 files have been modified. The BETA 2.12.56 […]

WhatsApp Voice Calling Features Available for iOS

Whatsapp has officially announced that it has extended its calling features to iOS also. The features comes along with the updated version of whatsapp version 2.12.1 It was also reported that along with this voice calling features the messaging service has also added few more features making use of iOS 8’s sharing extensions. This feauture […]

WhatsApp allow users to save chats to Google Drive

The messenger giant WhatApp will be allowing its users to save chats to Google Drive.The messenger has recently added a new feature which allows the users to use voice feature in addition to send text message. In order to use this facility users will need the latest build of WhatsApp for this, which is version […]

Whatsapp Calling Review: High Data Uses

Whatsapp the largest messaging platform in the world has just allowed the calling facilities to all the users. For the last seven days people all across the globe has been using the new feature of the messaging giant whatsapp. Here is the review of what people say about the calling feature of whatsapp. Unlike the […]

WhatsApp Remove Annoying Blue Ticks

To remove the blue trick in whatsapp follow the following steps: Download the latest (version 2.11.444) WhatsApp apk from the official website. On your Android phone, go to Settings > Security > Check Unknown sources, to enable installing apps from outside Google Play. Note that the exact path to the setting can vary depending on […]