Tamil Nadu New Housing Policy to Construct 1.87 Lakh Houses

Tamil Nadu New Housing Policy

Tamil Nadu New Housing Policy – On Wednesday, the State Government of Tamil Nadu Nadu has introduced a Tamil Nadu New Housing Policy. Under the TN Government’s this new housing policy, a series of changes, including reducing the cost of construction will be included.

Details of Tamil Nadu New Housing Policy

During the Announcement of this housing policy in the state assembly, The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Shri K Palaniswami said the state government would prepare a housing and residential policy. The features of this housing policy would include bringing down the cost of construction and ensuring sufficient housing facilities for economically weaker sections (EWS).

According to the Chief Minister Shri K Palaniswami, the other highlights of the policy include promoting standard urbanization, ensuring the provision of all basic amenities, developing infrastructure, amending master plans and development control rules and fixing time frames for building approval, among others.

CM also stated that the state government will also take steps to ensure safety and security of senior citizens and women in their home developed by its boards.

CM Palaniswami had also announced the construction of nearly 1.87 lakh affordable housing units under different schemes including the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY).

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According to the policy researcher, Information, and Resource Centre of the Deprived Urban Communities Vanessa Peter, the new policy should focus on marginalized citizens residing in the informal settlements in the urban areas.

According to the sources, the new policy could create space for private players to involve in slum redevelopment, decreasing the role of the state. Vanessa informed that this shift will only benefit the real estate lobby and private housing finance agencies.

She further said that while affordable housing is a progressive move, adequacy should be the core component, the housing program addresses the concerns of the informal labour force, the livelihood concerns and factor it the social and cultural sensitivities.

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