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KEAM is the acronym for Kerala Engineering Agricultural Medical. It is a series of entrance examinations for admissions to various professional degree courses in the state of Kerala, India. KEAM is conducted by the Office of the Commissioner of Entrance Exams run by the Government of Kerala. If you are aspiring for KEAM, chances are you must be scared and tensed as this feeling is experienced by almost every student appearing for the entrance examination. And KEAM is just like any other entrance exam.

Given below are some tips and tricks for clearing KEAM.

Refer to the syllabus of the KEAM entrance exam and study accordingly. For Engineering courses, students are tests on topics of Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry taught in grade 11 and 12 of Kerala Board. The entrance examination is in two parts-part one is mathematics and part two is physics and chemistry. Syllabus for KEAM medical entrance examination is similar to the medical entrance examination conducted by AIIMS.

Do not waste time on subjects and topics that are not part of the syllabus. When you would refer to the syllabus, you would get to know which extra subject or topic you need to cover. If you are a student of the Kerala board, you would not face any difficulty in completing the syllabus. If you belong to any other board, you may have to study a bit extra, but that too is very nominal.

Understand the pattern of the KEAM question paper. The questions asked here are basically multiple choice questions. The questions are fully conceptual and to the point. As the time will be limited, it is important to have clear concepts on the subjects.

Refer to the previous year question papers. As well as referring to KEAM 2015 question paper, you must also look at the question papers of previous 10 years and note down the topics and subjects that are important and those which are less important. Emphasize on important topics and subjects. You can neglect some of the topics and subjects that are less important from KEAM exam point of view.

Clear your basic concepts. Finish your NCERT books to clear your basics. Finish all your NCERT 11th and 12th books as soon as possible. Syllabus of class 11th and 12th contributes to about 45-55% of the KEAM question paper.

Develop problem solving skills. You must master your analytical skill and conceptual understanding if you wish to clear KEAM 2016. Aim for 100% hit rate if you want to enjoy competitive edge over other candidates. Work on timing as speed and accuracy will let you finish the KEAM paper on time, leaving enough time for revision.

Do not try to attempt all the questions. Attempt only those questions about which you are 100% sure as there is negative marking scheme. A lot of students believe that attempting more questions would increase their score but this notion is entirely wrong. Even if by chance some get correct, the wrong ones will decrease your score. So it is not beneficial to attempt all KEAM questions.

Stay cool. This is of the utmost importance on the day of KEAM examination. Go to bed on time night before the exam and stay focused and relaxed. You would be able to enjoy success in the KEAM  examination.

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