WhatsApp 2.13.8 updates for Nokia Symbian

WhatsApp the giant social messaging service has been trying very hard in updating the service so so to become more and more user friendly. There seems no difficult for the WhatsApp in producing updates for the Android version of the messenger, but for Nokia and iOS operating system.

The message service is the most widely used in the world, and it was announced recently that the active users of the messaging service has already cross 1 billion mark. And India is also considered to be one of the biggest market of the service with over 10 million active users.

Well this is very happy news for the users of Nokia Asha or Nokia C3 that the messaging services has released new updates WhatsApp 2.13.8, nokia users should be able to download and install the latest version of WhatsApp 2.13.8 on your phone.The new version, even though it lacks new features, it comes in with a bunch of bug fixes from the old version. it is very hard to get the updates from the whatsapp for the users of Nokia Asha or Nokia C3

Installing the app is also a very easy task. Just head to the official Opera Mobile Store and download the latest version for your device. Once the file is downloaded, find the .jad file and select it to start theinstallation. The process is the same, and you will still need to provide your phone number for this to work. Once you are done, you can now start enjoying the services of WhatsApp on your Nokia Symbian phone.

The improvements in the new version are obvious, and you will easily notice them. However, lack of a new feature means there is still no WhatsApp calling on Nokia Symbian platform, but Facebook developers will for sure do something about this situation shortly.

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