WhatsApp added 10 new exciting features for iOS

WhatsApp the most widely used messenger service has released new update for its version of iOS users. In the updates the WhatsApp has added 10 new exciting features for the iOS users and some of the features are still not updates for Android version of the service.

The following are 10 new features of WhatsApp for iOS.

  1. Mark chats are read/unread:
    You can choose to mark a conversation (for a group or individual contact) as either read or unread with a swipe to the right.

  2. Mute individual chat:
    The updated version also lets you customise chat notifications for each contact, so you will now know right from the message tone who the sender is.

  3. Backup videos:
    WhatsApp videos in your chat backups. All you have to do is go to Settings > Chats and Calls > Chat Backup and enable videos.

  4. Location Sharing:
    Directly share your location or nearby places from Apple Maps to WhatsApp.

  5. Auto loading of older messages:
    Load previous messages within a conversation. All you need to do is keep scrolling and the messages will load automatically.

  6. Data usage on WhatsApp calls:
    This feature has already existed on the Android version. It lets you place calls over the Internet from the app at a lower data cost.

  7. Disabled show preview:
    WhatsApp has disabled ‘Show Preview’ setting in the latest update for iOS.

  8. Photo and video cropping:
    The photo and video cropping feature has been redesigned. It now lets you rotate an image in different angles.

  9. Contact sharing:
    The new version lets you directly share contacts from the Contacts app to WhatsApp.

  10. Better support for VoiceOver

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