WhatsApp to provide 3D Touch Support for iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s users a new update has been made by whatApp for you. The WhasApp has officially announced that the messenging service will now provide 3D Touch Support for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

The messeging service has also announced that the update is now avialable and interested users can now download the same. The updates comes with the new version 2.12.9. Apart from this 3D Touch Support the new version 2.12.9 has also updeated some other features.

The 3D Touch Support was initially started by Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram apps. Along with 3D Touch input to the WhatsApp for iOS, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus the other features updated includes ‘Peek and Pop’ gestures based on the pressure applied on the screen. The App Store listing notes, “You can now quickly Peek and Pop pictures, videos, links, contact cards, and locations you send and receive in chats.”

Other additions in the latest WhatsApp for iOS update include fixed issues with viewing media on older versions of iOS; WhatsApp UI can now be mirrored and optimised for right-to-left languages like Arabic (for iOS 9+), and other fixes and improvements.

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