Why you need to visit Goa this vacation if you have never been here before

Goa is the most popular beach destination in India. It has many charms and scenic qualities blessed partly by nature and partly by its long-standing traditions and cultures. A trip to Goa, especially for the first time visitors, is like walking straight to a paradise where they can just relax and relax. Read on.

Goa is a dazzling coastal paradise which has always remained the numero uno tourist destination in the country for most of the travelers. Palms dotting the whole region in an artistic pattern, white sands spread over the coastal reaches as if a vast mattress is laid down by nature itself for those who seek to wander in this corner of the world, and the wide stretch of sea running through miles across the horizon – Goa is a vibrant and natural wonderland of India. If you have not been here before, just book a room in any of the hotels in Goa and go on the vacation of your life!

Goa was under the occupation of the Portuguese for a long time, almost for 500 years, and that is why the aftereffect of the inhabitation is visible even today, rather in a good way. You can see the finesse in architecture of the old houses and buildings, discover the fusion cuisines which gives you a taste of both the western and eastern flavors, and at times the fado is played down some random street, out of some random window, a house or a restaurant, and its slow, captivating music would reach and touch you, sparking up some invisible sense of beauty. You can explore all the good things that Goa has to show you and you would feel tempted to steep its essence inside you with few gulps of the local drinks. This relaxed moment of enjoyment which lingers on for hours inside the details of your mind is what the Goans call Susegad. It is their own idea of joie de vivre and during afternoons as they surrender themselves to a short spell of siesta, you would know how slow and yet refreshing life can get. Goa is just like that.

From morning walks to a lunch at noon to the popular vindaloo supper with a glass of feni through the brisk pace of a late evening, a typical Goan day is as good as a rare, lucky day spent in any other corner of this country. Although Goa is not just a tourist hub and it pretty much involves all aspects of a functioning state with its own businesses and occupations across its places, with people busy about their work, tourism definitely is what makes it truly exclusive in many ways. A large number of foreigners visit Goa every year and this is something that makes the place look like a global destination of sorts. It brings in a mix of traditions and cultures from across the globe and the affability of the region increases several folds up in its familiar welcoming ways. Because of the large scale of tourism, Goa also has provided substantial employment to a number of migrant workers who come from all across the country. Goa has everything to offer to a visitor, beaches, seafood, humble shacks, luxury resorts, delicious and international cuisines, art, architecture, heritage, yoga, ayurveda, reiki, and much more.
You can book an Indian Railway train or a flight in an airline to reach Goa. Or you can take a bus from Mumbai to Goa as the place is well-connected and a long drive to Goa is quite cosy for the sake of some special memories.

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